Still standing on the tall roof top looking down on destruction, Kyle Rashua was also puzzled by the strange necklace hanging from his wrist; probably he snug it from the grasp or the torn clothing of one of those mutants. He anyway hung it on his neck as a trophy and proceeded toward ground level along with his newfound “friends”. All of them agreed to go back to a safe place and try to sort out some sense from that mess. Kyle suggested the “Saiya Pub” was the correct choice: it was a low profile pub were things usually go smoothly (that’s why the troublesome denizens of the city don’t like the place very much) aside for the presence of a pesky bartender. It was just before they all moved out of the way that the bounty hunter JJ dropped his mask revealing his true identity: he was Ulthar, who assumed the guise of the famous hunter to close in to a defying criminal he stalked earlier that night. After this shocking revelation, they split up and headed for the pub. There, they tried to figure out something from the whole accident, but nobody of them could explain or justify such an assault: they all had enemies, but those men didn’t look familiar to any of them. The Heroes then decided to part again to reach their places and tap their information sources to learn something more.
Wandering the city, Ulthar stumbled on a child selling “medicine” on the streets; sensing the boy’s suffering, Ulthar tried to perceive his status: the boy was fatally ill his temperature rising almost to 40 °C. Besides, what he was selling wasn’t medicine at all, it was drug, instead… And a particularly addictive kind too. The child said that he was selling medicine in behalf of a police officer named Herzog; the man said that if he could sell enough medicine, he and his mother would have been granted a house where to live. The boy also said that they were close to gathering enough money to buy the house, so he was working with all his strength, to the point of exhaustion. Ulthar looked for the child'd mother, but to no avail; he then took the child to one of the few homeless care center left in the city and left him to their care. The night passed and when morning came, the Heroes were summoned in great haste by Kyle; reaching the meeting point they found the homeless care center burnt down to ruins and many of its inhabitants injured and some even killed, Herzog had found out about the boy "defection" and tracked him down to punish those who had taken him (and the incriminating drug) away from his grasp. The operation was described to the media as a hit against drug dealers and Herzog even received a promotion for this. Burning with the desire for vengeance, the Heroes had to quench such fire, to follow a more immediate problem: it seemed that a newly formed band called the WASP could probably match their aggressors. The band was very secretive and it was heard about just because it contacted another street gang (the "Fang Boys") to conclude some business. The Heroes decided to look for these Fang Boys but, before that, they gathered some information about the past weeks in the city: many strange things happened, including a terrible shootout in an abandoned parking and the probable involving of the D'Monix corp. in a chase across the City. Could there be a link between the WASPs and what happened recently? To find the answer the Heroes tried to contact a mysterious old man named Ishmael who had witnessesd the shootout, maybe he knew something....
While investigating on some of these facts, however, Mr. Black lead the Five where they could talk with ease: in the snake-like bellow of the city known as the underground. Showing great knowledge of these places, he took them to a old maintenence track where they boarded a old test train: there no one would be listening... Far more terrible problems were waiting forthem, however... Suddenly the train began riding a supposedly unexistent track and it rusted away in a matter of seconds, everything became dark and silent... They had once again been brought to the Blood Dimension... Again, they met the unfathomable Teddy Bear who once again spoke obscure prophecies of death and suffering but even this time they were a little confused. The Heroes were expelled from teh Blood Dimension when th Guardian suddenly appeared on the Railtracks ahead and slashed the train in half with its gigantic Axe.
After this terrible encounter, the heroes headed for the Fang Boys HQ; there, however, they just found bloodshed and destruction... And a berserkered creature who attacked them on sight! They defeated the creature with some effort only to find out that it was no less than Aston Jax, the leader of the former Fang Boys: they were contacted by a man who called himself "The Joker" who proposed them to join his side, but when they refused, he infected them with some kind of berserk drug and the whole gang slowly turned into mindless animals. Fearing they would bring death and bloodshed to the innocent people, Aston and his friends decided to sacrifice themselves by unleashing their bloodlust on themselves. Right after defeating Aston, The Joker himself suddenly appeared: he proposed the Heroes the same agreement he posed to the Fang Boys, team up with him to

-- Ending Theme: Dreams

New Characters Met During Chapter 2: Soul Grinder

Name: Captain Herzog
Real Name: Julian E. Herzog
Technically an upstanding defender of the law serving the EcatombCheriArk Police Department, Herzog career is dotted with notes of honour as notable as they are suspect. In fact, in the streets Herzog is known as a dirty bastard who would stop at nothing to obtain what he wants. And he wants money and power, more money and power. Masterminding from behind the scene, Herzog casts his brooding shadow over nearly every kind of illegal activity in the city, beefing these criminal intents with his position in the Law.

Name: Harara Kellengart
Real Name: Harara Kellengart
Head manager of the D’Monix Corporation, Harara Kellengart is the closest thing to a Queen this era has to offer. Holding the reins of the strongest Corporations since over two decades, “Lady” Kellengarth never got satisfied with the company ever increasing successes, fervently working with great passion (some would dare say “obsession”) to improve her businesses yet more. To boost the company resources furthermore, she gathered under her leadership the most brilliant minds of this century using her inspired vision of business, monetary power, political influence and, last but not least, her stunning beauty. Such is the admiration that she commands in her subjects that she is usually called “The Lady” with a reverent tone. The true aim of any real D’Monix employed consists in moving closer and closer to her majestic figure and serve her “Dream”, rather than gain personal power dreaming to one day rule the company by himself: those who don’t think this way usually die in mysterious accidents, but that’s just a coincidence… Unfortunately, Harara Kellengart sense of business is matched only by the ruthlessness of the methods she employs to get what she wants: it’s exactly by this cruel determination that she achieved her dominant position in a business world filled with political traps and assassination plans. Her opponents forged for her the fitting nickname of “The Shark Queen”.

Name: Joker
Real Name: Unknown
Leader of the mysterious Wasp Gang, The Joker is a cunning man with unknown purposes. How he gathered the large wealth which sustains his organization is still shrouded in mystery. Apparently kind and generous when dealing business, this behaviour is just a mask covering a cunning planner that would stop at nothing to crush his opponents.

Name: Dynamo
Real Name: Aston Jax
Leader of the newly founded Fang Boys, Aston hails from the Damage Inc. gang. Feeling that he was a natural born leader, he suffered the fact of being unable to achieve a prominent position in the gang and left to create his own hood. Unfortunately, after much struggling to carve their territory, the Fang Boys became involved with a strange man named “The Joker” who tried to turn them to his side. Refusing the offer, the Fang Boys were marked for termination: infected with a mutogen combat drug, the gang member fell prey to a murderous rage and were forced to kill each other. Aston was the last man standing when the slaughter ended and, unluckily for him, he was too strong willed to completely give in to the drug effects, retaining just the self control needed to remain conscious but unable to stop his actions.