Still burning from the loss of his friend, Kyle was trying to figure out some sort of solution together with the other heroes when something unsettled him heavily: the little doll Aston left him was programmed to deliver a message. The message was: “Save Alicia…”. Alicia was another of Kyle friends, a girl who fell in love with Aston and left the Damage Inc. to follow him. By this time, it was clear that she was probably taken by the WASPs to the Honey Bee. The Heroes headed there, only to find themselves once again trapped in the blood dimension: the Honey Bee appeared to them as a Dark, Brooding and Bloody old building, beckoning them to enter. The place was of course full of blood stains and frightening sounds but a trail of blood on the floor caught their eye almost immediately. Following it, the heroes came to a shocking surprise: the trail ended where a teddy bear was lying… Trying to contact their mysterious otherworldly “friend”, the heroes obtained no response… The Bear seemed empty… and some kind of bloody footprints walked away in the darkness… On the Wall where the Bear laid, a writing was carved with little proficiency:

Soon afterward, the dark voice of their Host/guest, spoke again…and it had dark omens for them once more. This time, however, somebody else joined the dark show: some humanoid figure made of black mist came out from the darkness and the Teddy Bear referred to it as “the Queen” and “the One who Forever Searches”. The mysterious figure just floated near them without doing anything, but when it approached Mr. Black it whispered some kind of lullaby. The Bear pointed out that the melody was incomplete and that when he could complete it, he would find the meaning… The Mist then neared Father Maximus and looking into his eyes, it just said one sentence, which echoed through the darkness… “Locked in Eternal Limbo…” after the Mist floated away, the Heroes found themselves freed from the Blood Dimension and got back to their original purpose, although puzzled from what they saw. They thus broke in the Honey Bee where they found lewd woman who indulged in carnal pleasures… However, things were not as they seemed: the heroes found Alicia in the uppermost floor, chained to a bed, and, by scanning her health status, the heroes came to know that she was under the effect of some terrible drug. The drug instilled an irresistible lust at genetic level, transforming a woman in a sex crazed beast; moreover, it was strongly addictive, chaining the poor women into slavery forever. Thanks to the Ecateriark powers and the low level of addiction the girl had underwent, the heroes could overthrow the terrible drug and save Alicia. They were however left with over 3 dozens of girls still too infected to be cured. The heroes decided to look for the true mastermind behind the façade of the Honey bee and thus asked for the Damage Inc. help. While Kyle tried to prepare the rescue of the girls, the others tried to contact the Sept of the Great Heaven, which refused to meet let them in their temple, unless they brought as a present the most sacred relic from the Church of the Ecateriark. Although sceptical upon such a bargain, Father Maximus led the others directly in front of the First Sentencer Adrian Arkonomicon, who refused to give the Relic, but ordered to do whatever necessary to find out what the mysterious book Ishmael spoke of was and where it could found. He thus gave them his own holy symbol as a proof of good will and let them go. The Sept accepted to meet them and even gave back the present; Lady Midoriyama, however, could tell them little aside for what she came to know about the book and its carrier: she sensed that something incredible was going to happen, but she couldn’t say what it was. She didn’t know anything about the Teddy Bear Either, although she sensed the disturbing waves which rippled the spirit world, and she concluded saying that the Heroes where deeply connected to the forthcoming events…
Back to the other businesses, the Heroes got back to Kyle and the other guys from Damage Inc.; while planning their move at the Damage Inc. HQ, Yoko, the gang leader, asked them to perform a task and go check on a member of the gang in distress. The member was a simple girl who lived alone in an abandoned building and when they got there they found her lying on the bed, nearly asleep and hugged to a TeddyBear with a familiar look. Soon, the girl lost consciousness and “something” possessed her body: the Teddy Bear had Left the Blood Dimension. The Heroes bargained with the Teddy Bear to have him leave the girl body and re-enter the Bear under the promise that THEY would take him around the city. The Teddy Bear accepted but it didn’t free the girl’s soul from wherever it was caged. Aiming to exorcise the “creature” the heroes tried to bring it to the Church of the Ecateriark, where a great sealing spell could be cast, but once more, things slipped out of control. While travelling on the monorail train, an unidentified energy source suddenly appeared: just by sensing this, the Bear seemed to gather its strength and said that “The Passenger” was coming… another Dark prophecy that made little sense… Aside for the fact that a true and perceivable energy made them tremble… Anyway, the Energy suddenly disappeared and the Bear seemed to go back from wherever it came. Back to the businesses of this world, the Heroes learned that the Honey Bee “trained” girls for a much more Elite club: the Mimosa Club. This was a private club that was the façade for the Criminal Organization “Mimosa”, a high level prostitution racket led by a beautiful and dangerous woman: Ingrid Kylianova. Believing that she was a secret member of the WASPs, they decided to catch two birds with one stone: they could retrieve an antidote for the terrible drug, make them pay for what they did to those poor girls and could find a way to get to the Joker. Getting in such a high security place would be really hard however, unless they were invited… the Heroes thus decided to ask for advice to the Ecateriark to find show them the right occasion to have their way. The resulting plan was to have some corporative, who had “business” with the Mimosa Club, believe they saved his life and thus hire them as bodyguards. Thanks to the Help of the Dogma, a gang made up entirely by women, they simulated an attack to the man and easily gained his trust. Disguised as the man bodyguards, the heroes could enter the Mimosa Club armed and dangerous and, in the end, close in to the boss Ingrid Kylianova. Little did they know, however, that she was far from being a helpless damsel in distress: displaying an awesome combat powers, Miss Kylianova locked them into mortal combat while devastating them with a terrible form of mind control. The fight concluded wit a shocking move: Father Maximus, filled with the Rage of the Ecateriark, changed in some kind of werewolf and with unmatched power mauled the seemingly unbeatable opponent.

-- Ending Theme: Dreams

New Characters Met During Chapter 3: Death Wish

Name: Bastard Rat
Real Name: Unknown
Burglar specialized in shoplifting and robberies, he is known for the occasional violent outbreaks when he destroys the place before taking away anything of value left. The police could never arrest him: he’s too quiet and stealthy when he wants to and too aggressive when he goes on a rampage. He never injured any innocent bystander, however many policemen had to be hospitalized after the confrontations. Bastard Rat has been finally arrested with the joint forces of EMS and Police Dept.

Name: Blink Bayrom
Real Name: Juimal Bayrom
Juimal Bayrom manages the Miholnir company dealing in security advising. He gathered his knowledge in the long years spent in the military branch serving the Administration in dangerous and, some say, covert operations. Now a man in a position of power, he has officially retired from the battlefield and manages al the operations from behind his desk, but many say he is still as sharp as in the old days. This year he revived the Tatakai no Kami martial arts tournament to gather the strongest fighters in EcatombCheriArk and find the best among them. Unknown to anyone up to this point, he is the principal of the mysterious “Joker”.

Name: Nagi Yamako
Real Name: Nagi Yamako
Leader of the Dogma gang, this girl is strong willed even if a bit cinical. Fighting to get her girls through the dangers of EcatombCheriArk without losing their appeal is a tough challenge, but she seems up to the task.

Name: Ingrid Kylianova
Real Name: Ingrid Kylianova
Leader of the Mimosa Organization, Miss Kylianova also leads many businesses in the city, high level prostitution in chief. Her headquarter is located in the Mimosa Club, a place where vice and money flow like rivers. Supposedly, she led this racket to finance the WASPs and their leader Joker, however, before anything could be confirmed, she was killed in direct combat. She was as beautiful as she was dangerous.

Name: Lady Midoriyama
Real Name: Kanako Midoriyama
Holy Priestess of the Heavens and Prophet of the Spirits are only a few of the names given to this young lady. She is the leading strength of the widespread Sept of the Great Heaven, a Mystic Order bent on revealing the Truth of the Spirits to the folks in EcatombCheriArk. She speaks softly and gently and her words are always wise although a bit cryptic. She has great dinivinatory powers probably leading her to see a world totally unknown to common people.

Name: First Sentencer Arkonomicon
Real Name: Adrian Arkonomicon
Supreme Head of the Church of the Hecateriark, the First Sentencer leads his sheeps through this terrible era with unquestionable faith and a strong arm against the sinners. Seldom seen in person, the Sentencer only speaks when most needed, he otherwise prefers to give exemplary acts of punishments rather empty talk of forgiveness.