"You can find almost any kind of person in EcatombCheriArk: Wisemen, brave fighters, devoted churchmen, hard working managers... but most of the time you just run into power crazed bloodthirsty criminals..."

Bart O'Sullivan, Policeman --

People of Note in EcatombCheriArk 

Name: Azrael the Spectre
Real Name: Unknown

A stand alone vigilantes, the Spectre is fairly known among the Nocturnal population of EcatombCheriark for his combat prowess and his mysterious figure. Working as a security guard in the Hesperia Pub, The Spectre is always followed by a strange girl so pale and silent that she could be taken for a human sized porcelain doll. Aside for keeping such a large and troublesome place like the Hesperia relatively peaceful, Azrael is famous for bringing down many criminals and gangs which made the mistake to meddle in his territory. Nobody has ever seen the face of the Spectre or knows where he comes from: his visage his constantly hidden in the shadows cast by his hood just like his past, nonetheless all the weak know they can find shelter where the Spectre vigils.

Name: Ulthar
Real Name: Unknown
A name that strikes fear even in the heart of the cruellest criminal, Ulthar is just a urban legend. Everywhere in the city, poor and weak tell stories of a powerful and invincible fighter that appears out of thin air to help those in need without asking nothing in return. Terror of those who live by stealing and abusing of those who can’t defend themselves, his name is often called in the streets in mystical awe: the police has been searching for him for a long time, but it seems that nobody has ever seen Ulthar and lived to tell the tale, not even those he helped (although the police suspects that some of those people would lie to protect him in turn).

Name: Father Maximus
Real Name: Father Maximus
Upholder of the Word of the Ecatheriark, Father Maximus has little popularity outside the hierarchy of his church. To those far from the teachings, he his simply one of the infervorated followers of the monolithic church, and many other priests think this as well, considering him like an elder teacher (although he is not old at all). The high priests and those who trade in secret information, however, know better: Father Maximus is the Arm of the Ecatheriark, the one who carries over all the most important or dangerous orders. Orders coming directly from the First Sentencer of the Ecatheriark (Especially the Assassination orders). Faithful to the church deep down to his last thought, it is said that only the will of the Ecatheriark himself could stop Father Maximus from accomplishing his mission.

Name: Kyle Rashua
Real Name: Kyle Rashua
Member of the Vigilantes Gang “Damage Inc.”, everybody agrees that the only thing that could scare Kyle is the angry voice of Yoko, the leader of the Damage Inc.. Always ready for battle, this young warrior has rapidly risen among the ranks of the band thanks to his determination and incredible combat prowess. True to the Gang like it was his true family, Kyle fights for his brothers and sisters without sparing himself and loves to collect trophies from his numerous battle: his battlegear is in fact created from a patchwork of items taken from his fallen foes. Thanks to his victories, the Damage Inc. is one of the most powerful gang of the city.

Name: Mr. Black (Sombrero(?))
Real Name: Sol Khrysten
An unfathomable characters who deals in black magic and has superior shooting skills, little is known of him, besides the fact that he recently appeared in the west side of town and started gathering all kinds of info. He seems to know the underground very well and always carries a tarot deck which he uses for divination.

Name: Captain Herzog
Real Name: Julian E. Herzog
Technically an upstanding defender of the law serving the EcatombCheriArk Police Department, Herzog career is dotted with notes of honour as notable as they are suspect. In fact, in the streets Herzog is known as a dirty bastard who would stop at nothing to obtain what he wants. And he wants money and power, more money and power. Masterminding from behind the scene, Herzog casts his brooding shadow over nearly every kind of illegal activity in the city, beefing these criminal intents with his position in the Law.

Name: The Teddy Bear
Real Name: Unknown
Lone dweller of a bloody and dark dimension, this worn out teddy bear seems to house something far more terrifying than its shape would suggest. When first met, it always has a band aid strapped on its mouth and blood drips through it. when the band aid is removed, a hole in the fabric is revealed and inside the empty shell a corpse like mouth can be seen. The creature inside the Teddy Bear speaks with a low and rumbling voice about terrible events to come, but it is rarely conlcusive in its reasoning.

Name: The Guardian
Real Name: Unknown
The only other inhabitant of the blood dimension, this mysterious creature appearlooks like a tall humanoid draped with really worn out cloths, his face a feautureless mass of metal wrinkles and its head sprouting two twisted horns. It wanders through the Blood Dimension apparently looking for the Teddy Bear (or what is inside the Teddy Bear) dragging along a gigantic axe. The only sound it makes is the screeching of its axe against the floor.

Name: The Dark Mist
Real Name: Unknown
A yet more mysterious figure of the Blood Dimension, it just looks like a bank of black mist vaguely shaped like a humanoid. It seldom speaks and when it does its word are always sybilline. The Teddy Bear referred to her as "The Queen" and as "The One who Forever Searches" and mentioned she came "from the Egg".

Name: Harara Kellengart
Real Name: Harara Kellengart
Head manager of the D’Monix Corporation, Harara Kellengart is the closest thing to a Queen this era has to offer. Holding the reins of the strongest Corporations since over two decades, “Lady” Kellengarth never got satisfied with the company ever increasing successes, fervently working with great passion (some would dare say “obsession”) to improve her businesses yet more. To boost the company resources furthermore, she gathered under her leadership the most brilliant minds of this century using her inspired vision of business, monetary power, political influence and, last but not least, her stunning beauty. Such is the admiration that she commands in her subjects that she is usually called “The Lady” with a reverent tone. The true aim of any real D’Monix employed consists in moving closer and closer to her majestic figure and serve her “Dream”, rather than gain personal power dreaming to one day rule the company by himself: those who don’t think this way usually die in mysterious accidents, but that’s just a coincidence… Unfortunately, Harara Kellengart sense of business is matched only by the ruthlessness of the methods she employs to get what she wants: it’s exactly by this cruel determination that she achieved her dominant position in a business world filled with political traps and assassination plans. Her opponents forged for her the fitting nickname of “The Shark Queen”.

Name: Joker
Real Name: Kebyr
Leader of the mysterious Wasp Gang, The Joker is a cunning man with unknown purposes. How he gathered the large wealth which sustains his organization is still shrouded in mystery. Apparently kind and generous when dealing business, this behaviour is just a mask covering a cunning planner that would stop at nothing to crush his opponents.

Name: Dynamo
Real Name: Aston Jax
Leader of the newly founded Fang Boys, Aston hails from the Damage Inc. gang. Feeling that he was a natural born leader, he suffered the fact of being unable to achieve a prominent position in the gang and left to create his own hood. Unfortunately, after much struggling to carve their territory, the Fang Boys became involved with a strange man named “The Joker” who tried to turn them to his side. Refusing the offer, the Fang Boys were marked for termination: infected with a mutogen combat drug, the gang member fell prey to a murderous rage and were forced to kill each other. Aston was the last man standing when the slaughter ended and, unluckily for him, he was too strong willed to completely give in to the drug effects, retaining just the self control needed to remain conscious but unable to stop his actions.

Name: Professor 666
Real Name: Georg Rogulevsky 
Once a scientist teaching in the most important academies, he was later dropped off from his prestigious position since he insisted researching obscure theories that didn’t meet the favour of the scientific community. Since that time, he went on working on his deviant theories, supported by various sponsors fascinated by his absurd stories. Since his drop off, however, he hasn’t been able to come up with any real result to support his so-called theories and sponsors gradually lost interest in him. Nowadays, the Professor has found heaven in Channel 666 which fully supports even the most extremist beliefs spoken by the Professor and has given him his own show which now attracts the attention of hundreds, if not thousands, of fans listening to his revolutionary theories about magical energies.

Name: Alicia
Real Name: Alicia
A girl who fell in love with Dynamo, she was abducted form the Fang Boys HQ by the man who calls himself “The Joker”.She was then taken to the "Honey Bee" Club where she was to be transformed into a sexual slave by means of a terrible drug.

Name: Yuki Yumegami
Real Name: Yuki Yumegami
Bartender of the Saiya Pub, Miss Yumegami isn’t very popular despite her beauty. Always hanging around in the slums in close contact with dangerous people, she has been marked has a punk and a troublesome girl by the “upstanding” members of the middle-upper class; on the other hand, in the suburb, she shuns the company of others, keeping her distance from gangs or any kind of friendship. Word is she despises the poverty that pollutes the Outer Circle and that she feels too good for this; trying to live a lifestyle beyond her means, she doesn’t care for those who have no money (the largest part of the Suburbs) and many believe she is the “pupil” (or better “bimbo”) of some high up corporative who can keep her good with expensive presents. Lunatic and bitter, she is probably still leaving in the Outer Circle due to the fact that those who have the money to pay for her company seldom have the patience to keep up too long with her behaviour.

Name: Shitty Flashbang
Real Name: Unknown
Infamous criminal, Shitty Flashbang is some kind of terrorist acting alone and with non conventional means. He usually chooses corporative targets like lab facilities and corporative offices open to the public (public relations or stores); there he usually unleashes waves of flashbang grenades, blinding and deafening everyone in the area. He usually revels in confrontations with the police forces against which he uses the same technique. Aside for the obvious side effects of the Flashbangs, he never seems interested in causing any more damage, never injuring people or policemen, leaving the crime scene with a colossal explosion and without stealing anything. He has been recently arrested, but he wouldn't confess the motivations for his actions.

Name: SpaceBilly
Real Name: Unknown
Shapechanging killer, Spacebilly is a paranoid nightmare come true: he has the ability to morph his body height, weight and appearance to match any anatomy and his face could copy any men or women feature (and he could display animal features as well. Moreover, he is able to copy the personality, gestures, manners and memories of a victim by eating out his brain. Despite his natural abilities made him the perfect spy and corporate pirate, he always persecuted his own agenda of murders and theft without serving any corporation, probably satisfying some kind of personal deviation. His killing spree has recently come to an end thanks to the efforts of the ECA Police Department.

Name: Bastard Rat
Real Name: Unknown
Burglar specialized in shoplifting and robberies, he is known for the occasional violent outbreaks when he destroys the place before taking away anything of value left. The police could never arrest him: he’s too quiet and stealthy when he wants to and too aggressive when he goes on a rampage. He never injured any innocent bystander, however many policemen had to be hospitalized after the confrontations. Bastard Rat has been finally arrested with the joint forces of EMS and Police Dept.

Name: Blink Bayrom
Real Name: Juimal Bayrom
Juimal Bayrom manages the Miholnir company dealing in security advising. He gathered his knowledge in the long years spent in the military branch serving the Administration in dangerous and, some say, covert operations. Now a man in a position of power, he has officially retired from the battlefield and manages al the operations from behind his desk, but many say he is still as sharp as in the old days. This year he revived the Tatakai no Kami martial arts tournament to gather the strongest fighters in EcatombCheriArk and find the best among them. Unknown to anyone up to this point, he is the principal of the mysterious “Joker”.

Name: Nagi Yamako
Real Name: Nagi Yamako
Leader of the Dogma gang, this girl is strong willed even if a bit cinical. Fighting to get her girls through the dangers of EcatombCheriArk without losing their appeal is a tough challenge, but she seems up to the task.

Name: Ingrid Kylianova
Real Name: Ingrid Kylianova
Leader of the Mimosa Organization, Miss Kylianova also leads many businesses in the city, high level prostitution in chief. Her headquarter is located in the Mimosa Club, a place where vice and money flow like rivers. Supposedly, she led this racket to finance the WASPs and their leader Joker, however, before anything could be confirmed, she was killed in direct combat. She was as beautiful as she was dangerous.

Name: Lady Midoriyama
Real Name: Kanako Midoriyama
Holy Priestess of the Heavens and Prophet of the Spirits are only a few of the names given to this young lady. She is the leading strength of the widespread Sept of the Great Heaven, a Mystic Order bent on revealing the Truth of the Spirits to the folks in EcatombCheriArk. She speaks softly and gently and her words are always wise although a bit cryptic. She has great dinivinatory powers probably leading her to see a world totally unknown to common people.

Name: First Sentencer Arkonomicon
Real Name: Adrian Arkonomicon
Supreme Head of the Church of the Hecateriark, the First Sentencer leads his sheeps through this terrible era with unquestionable faith and a strong arm against the sinners. Seldom seen in person, the Sentencer only speaks when most needed, he otherwise prefers to give exemplary acts of punishments rather empty talk of forgiveness.

Street Gangs in EcatombCheriArk 

Damage Inc.: 
Leader: Yoko Higashida

A Vigilantes gang acting like a big family. Its organization is based upon a paramilitary structure.

White Dreams: 
Leader: Rupert Van Holden

White Dreams began their gangster career as a group of Rock Music Lovers, but they soon turned into an active Vigilantes gang fighting to keep safe their territory.

Leader: Nagi Yamako

A Band entirely made up of women, this gang isn’t concerned in anything else but its well being. Originally, it was born to protect the girls that wanted to enjoy some independence.

Linch Eye Bitches: 
Leader: ??? (Nagi Yamako)

Could this be some kind of newly found gang bent on casual destruction? Nobody has every seen even one member of this gang which is said to be made up by girls with a knack for sniping… only a few ever heard of all this… Could this be yet another fake story created by some unscrupulous long tongued punk?

Warner Brothers: 
Leader: Sylvester

A gang made up by rich boys bored of their totally comfortable lives, their members inspire themselves to comic books and animated movies characters to play their real and often lethal pranks.

The Exterminators: 
Leader: Delman Crowe

This is a fake Vigilantes gang; in fact, they are one of the most famous gangs serving the Major Corporations. Although their members have their pockets always full of money, there are highly despised by the other gangs.

Black Star: 
Leader: Lord Satan

A mostly neutral gang, it is more concerned in defending their territory than conquering enlightenment or more power. The gang is more interested in the city dark and mystical aspect than its violent one.

Street Hawks: 
Leader: Jason Kildmaster

A biker gang bent on destruction that doesn’t want to give up their rides despite the crowding of the streets. They wouldn’t be that dangerous if they would keep riding through the overcrowded streets causing injuries to the innocent bystanders.

The SlaughterHouse: 
Leader: Zordok the Bloodiest

A true criminal organization, this gang is made up of violent people who know no pity. Evisceration is very popular among them and they have one of the highest body count in the whole city.

Leader: Mythril Mask

Domine are a group of guys united by the ideal of Steel. They are young warriors who see in this tough era the right time to find a champion. They are honourable and valorous, although a bit monomaniac. They completely despise the SlaughterHouse.

The Warlock’s Children: 
Leader: Blood Wolf

Magic is a rare thing and the few who practice it are often object of unwanted attention, the corporations always trying to hire them for their personal gain. This band, a very secretive one, gathers boys and girls of any age and it is said that even the lowliest underdog can practice some kind of magic trick.

The Harrogat: 
Leader: Qual-Kueg

This gang is following an old scripture that divined the forthcoming of three great entities named the “3 First Evils”. The scripture said that the Sigil under the city holds these terrible creatures imprisoned but one day it would fall unleashing the 3 demons on the world. The Harrogath believe themselves to be the Guardians of this City, honing their skills to in preparation for the final confrontation when they’ll have to defeat the demons once and for all.

Fang Boys: 
Leader: Aston

A gang fighting for its very survival. Made by young and ambitious members, this gang is trying to carve its place in the dangerous City, risking its very existence to acquire more power and territory.

Leader: The Joker
Still a Mysterious Gang, the Wasps are still a rumour in the streets. Supposedly a gang equipped with state of the art technology and trained for top military performance, they newborn to the scene of EcatombCheriArk, but with such outstanding background they could easily make their break through in no time.